WHAT after this life?

Live this life such a way that...

if death occurs at any moment,

you can die peacefully without tears...

and get the next life full of cheers.

"Where will I go after this life?" Have you ever asked yourself this question? You may think that...

  • this question is, senseless and foolish
  • who knows what will happen after death and why to worry now,
  • in so much busy and tensionfull life, it is impossible to think further beyond this life, etc.

              There is no surprise if you think such way, like most people do. But I want you to ask yourself this question atleast on every Sunday without fail and try to get the answer. Sunday is holiday. Busy people find themselves somewhat easy, free from job & other routine work, visit church, temple, mosque or another own religious places. Holiday is suitable day to think on such mysterious & self-related questions.

             "Where will I go after this life?" is neither senseless nor foolish question to ask yourself. If fact, this maybe one of the most valuable questions appeared in your life. As a human being you are able to think. No other kind of life on this earth has the capacity to think on such question. From invisible bacteria to giant elephant, there are varieties of life existing on this earth. Human life is the most advanced form of life, superior in intelligence & physical development than all other life form on this earth. Except human life, all other lives do not have their survival so easy. Everyday, they have to struggle for food, freedom & shelter. They always remain under fear of attacks by others. If you think thoroughly, you will realize how lucky you are as a human. As a human, you got a rare opportunity to observe, think and uplift yourself. Do not waste this precious human life just in routine work. You might have planned for your peaceful retirement till you die. Also you might have planned easy life for you family after your death. But, you never planned for yourself after your death. Because, you never thought "WHAT after this life?"

               On death, your soul will depart from your body to take next birth in another body. This is a cycle. There will be another life beyond this life. But it is important that what kink of body you will get on your next birth. Body of any creature, like cow, dog, cat, etc..? or again human? If you get human body (if you are so much lucky) then will you be born rich or poor? physically fit or handicapped? Brilliant or mentally retarted? Healthy or always sick? It all depends on how you are passing this life. It is a law of 'Nature' that "You will get much more peace & happiness if you offer others the same. You will get severe pain & suffering if you give others the same. As you sow, so shall you reap." You may be very happy one in this life. But what about your next life? Follow cruelty-free lifestyle & golden keys for happy life now to secure your next life with peace & happiness.

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