Golden Keys

         We all are visitors on this earth. We came empty handed and will go empty handed, leaving all our efforts, creations and relations back here. Only our "Karma" will come with us to decide our future. Good "Karma" gives happy future and bad "Karma" gives painful future. "Karma" is results of good and bad actions we performed during our life. Let us go with basket of fruits of good "Karmas" when we leave the earth.

       Everyone wants to live an easy and happy life. To achieve it, we all work everyday. Most of us put efforts for our entire life but never enjoy it as per desire. One day, life ends without notice and without achievement or satisfaction. This is true for most people.

        Peace, happiness & satisfaction come from balanced status of mind. If you look, you will realize that we get excited very quickly. Our mental tolerance level to favorable and unfavorable events is very low. With positive or favorable news we react very joyously, but only for a short time. Happiness ends soon and we fall back to our regular cycle of work, responsibility, stress, desire, and anxiety. Our maximum life passes in this cycle.

         Happiness or unhappiness is nothing but status of mind. It is mental reaction to any occurrence or occasion. Regular study & practice of the following "keys" will increase mental power to react to any occurrence or occasion in a balanced way. These "keys" are made to open the door of our life to "long term" happiness.    

Key 1:

 I am just a visitor here. We all are visitors here.

We all came on this earth for a temporary period and eventually will go. We all are just visitors.

Key 2:

 We all will go alone and empty handed.

Nobody can carry anything from this world. Everyone will go alone leaving all of his/her relations, creations, business, wealth & even their own bodies. If nothing comes together, then why should we waste in our whole life for accumulation & creations of wealth & power which are not going to come with us?

Key 3:

 Our desire and needs are endless, but life has an end.

Do not waste this life running behind new desires. Remember, everydays arising desires and needs never fulfill completely and life ends, suddenly. Our life is shorter than we realize. Control the needs and desires and pass the valuable life with ease and less burden of fulfillment. Remember, happier is NOT the one who has more, but it is the one who needs less.

Key 4:

 Today will not come back and tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Enjoy the passing moments of life without waiting for tomorrow. Do not spoil moments of the current life in hope of an uncertain tomorrow. Do not wait for big happiness to happen, instead find and enjoy every day's small happiness.

Key 5:

 Nothing remains forever.

Good or bad things, memories, situations and events settle to normal as time passes by. Time heals the wounds. Health, wealth, power and relation of a person, enterprise or nation changes the phase over the time. Nothing remains forever.   

Key 6:

 Enjoy what you already have.

Most of us do not enjoy what we have because of desire of getting more and more. We never enjoy our life in this cycle of chase. Leave this chase. Relax and look around for many small enjoyments awaiting your attention.

Key 7:

 Remember everyone's help in your growth.

You will find many help extended in your growth from birth to your current level. Never forget all invaluable and selfless love, affection, care and support you received from your parents, relatives, and friends during various stages of your life. Also, never step back to extend your help and care to them when they are in need.

Key 8:

 What you give to others, you will get back the same in bountiful.

This is the law of God and it applies to all living beings. God is always watching everyone invisibly & very quietly. 'He' is taking notes on our each action & thinking. Accordingly, we get reward or punishment in someway. Always be helpful to ALL lives, including creatures. If you want to be happy, keep others happy. If you want peace, give others peace. Remember, someday your action will bounce back to you, with more force.  

Key 9:

 Grab an opportunity of being helpful.

Whenever you get the opportunity of being helpful to anyone, do not loose it. Be helpful to needy ones by physical assistance, by mental support or by monetary way. Create a habit to assist. This habit will give you great satisfaction, mental peace and keep you away from unhealthy stress, greed and anger. You are also shaping your happy future by helping others.

Key 10:

 Keep regular touch of a good lesson.

Good reading is healthy food for the mind. Give your mind this healthy food  everyday for sometimes. Good reading or listening everyday for a few minutes gives mental peace and keeps your life cycle on the right track. Remember, peaceful mind creates peace in family.  

Key 11:

 Eat nonviolent food for peaceful and healthy living.

Our body is very complicated but a perfect machine. It needs energy to work efficiently. This energy comes from our diet. We should feed our body in a punctual way with a healthy diet. Too often, over and irregular eating habit is not good for our health. Foods high in cholesterol or fat (like animal, and dairy products) create health hazards like ulcers, cancer, and heart attacks. Avoid such food. Use more vegetables in the diet. A vegetarian diet is perfect for the human body for a healthy and long life.

Key 12:

 Leave bad and unhealthy habits.

To live a long and healthy life, leave hazardous habits like smoking and alcohol. Go to sleep on time and awake early. Plan some easy time with all family members everyday. A happy family is that who stays together, prays together and eats together.

Respect & support your parents, to get the same from your child.