Cruelty with Animals

With enormous greed & endless lust, mankind has become the most cruel & dangerous animal on the earth.

        It is a debatable question that "are we human?" This section emphasizes to be humane and have compassion towards animals and other  lives on the earth. The links below will tell you how much pain and suffering we give to them, who are unable to resist, unable to speak, totally helpless and have no way but to accept all cruel and miserable moments given to them by us. We are abusing them for their entire life and finally killing them for their flesh, skin, fur, blood, bones, and organs. For our hobby, pleasure, taste and ease we do not mind taking their lives in a very cruel and barbaric way. What a mighty humans we are!!!

        Should not we stop our cruelty and change our lifestyles full with humanity and compassion towards poor and helpless animals?

"Be the voice for them who can not speak"

Links: (eating dogs and cats in a cruel way) (Beauty Without Cruelty, India) (eating dogs and cats in a cruel way) ( animal rights organizations around the world) (World Society for the Protection of Animals) (Jain's principle of nonviolence) (animal testing cruelty by Proctor and Gamble) (animal testing cruelty by Proctor and Gamble) (anti-vivisection) (Human Society of USA)  (newspaper for animal lover) (animal news online) (massive database on animal related matters and sites)            

(excellent book on hidden facts and cruelties in the slaughterhouse) (animal killing methods) (animal care education)

"bullfight" (cruel show for killing helpless animals)

Animals fell pain, same like you.