Beware!!! Know The Truth Before You Plan To Watch

          bullfight is presented in front of public (especially visitors) as a sporty game or cultural event, but the truth is totally different. It is not a game nor any graceful event. It is just a cruel show of systematic killing of helpless animals in front of so called "human" crowd.

            Spain and Mexico are the leading countries where this bloody and merciless animal killing events are organized frequently in name of bullfight. It is marketed mainly among tourists at high ticket cost by presenting bullfighting as a national or cultural event.

         If you come across such event and plan to watch, please know the following truth:

* The bull is already mentally and physically harassed and weakened before bringing to the arena. A few days before fight schedule, the bull is kept away from food and water, enclosed alone in a completely dark room and beaten on many body areas, including the kidneys. The bull is already half-dead before the so called "fight".

* In true sense, there is nothing like bullfighting. In fact, the bull is trying to defend and escape all the time from merciless weapon attacks from many directions by more than one "fighter" (?).

* The bull is mercilessly penetrated by sharp pointed arrows/harpoons which cause severe pain and blood flow from the bull's body.

* Shortly, the bull can't stand and falls down on the ground with dripping blood, near death.

* While it is still alive, the bull's ears are cut and taken out by a knief and the bull is dragged out of the ground where it is killed and it's flesh and other body parts are sold.

* Organizers make money by luring tourists to visit such bull killing show and then selling the bull's body parts.

Would you like to enjoy such cruelty against helpless and speechless animals? Think before you plan to be a part of this "shame on humanity" show. Spend your money in a better way.




Animals feel pain, same like you.