To win the battle of life,

one needs weapons like compassion & forgiveness.

    This section contains a brief introduction and links on past and present, social and spiritual world leaders who followed a path of truth, humanity, compassion and non-violence. They became examples to establish peace, humanity and justice in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi :

His actual name is Mohandas K. Gandhi. He lived his life such a way that he became a symbol for truth and non-violence. He is called "Mahatma", which means "Great Soul." Getting inspiration from his life, Sir Richard Attenborough, famous Hollywood film director, made a film on him, titled "Gandhi" which recieved an oscar award in 1983.


Mother Teresa :

The whole world knows her for her lifelong selfless work for abandoned and poor children. She established shelter for them and passed whole life for such humanitarian works in Calcutta, India. In 1979, she recieved a Nobel Peace Prize. She was "Mother" in real sense.


Dalai Lama :

A great spiritual leader from Tibet and the reciepient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989.


Nelson Mandela :

He was the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize receipent and very famous leader from Africa. He was kept in jail for 30 years due to his active role in a fight against injustice and racism with his country's people.


"Srimad" Rajchandra :

Highly honorable and spiritual personality of recent time. He lived a very short life, but during his short span he got thorough knowledge of "karma" and the life-death cycles. He experienced self-realisation and understood life in true sense. World peace leader, Mahatma Gandhi had an influence of "Srimad" Rajchandra's ideas and thoughts.


Pandurang Shashtri (Dada) :

He recieved the Templeton Prize in 1997 for his outstanding achievement in upliftment of fishermen and many lower-caste people in India. He emerged as a spiritual personality and thorough explainer of "Karma" philosophy based on world famous "Geeta". He passed his entire life in selfless work of humanity. He recieved very high regards and honor and a place in the hearts of millions. He is remembered as respectable alias name "Dada", which means "elder brother".


Lord Mahavir :

A great soul came on earth before more than 2550 years. He observed principles of non-violence to the highest possible extent. He showed the world the ultimate way to pass life with compassion, forgivness, tolerance and simplicity. He truely followed a path of "Jainism", a religion that strictly believes in non-violence, even towards the smallest earthlife.


Gautam Buddha :

He was present during a similar time as Lord Mahavir. Like Lord Mahavir, he followed a path of compassion, forgiveness, tolerance and nonviolence. He followed a path of the holy 'Baudh' religion. His life is a sound example for the world to understand life and death in a real sense.


Jesus Christ :

Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem near Jerusalem. He became a wandering prophet & teacher. He traveled from village to village and touched people with his gentleness & messages of love & compassion among each another. He suggested people to treat others as they themselves wished to be treated - a teaching that has come to be known as the Golden Rule. His popularity grew to that extent that he was recognized as 'Messiah' which means chosen by God.


Our deepest regards to the peacemakers, who have enlightened the world.