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                         Welcome to WinFreeGift, a gateway to gain knowledge for a better life, along with encouragement prizes. Encourage yourself, your friends & family to join WinFreeGift group to bring rich culture & peace at home and in the society.
WinFreeGift questions:
                    Based on the study links, members will be emailed once a month a set of questions to answer. Marks will be given for correct answers. Members of the month will be declared to the highest mark gainers and prize will be given to them. Outstanding member throughout the year will be awarded with special prize.
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                   The following is a list of the study links to study & find right answers of monthly exam questions:
O God... Nobel Peace prize winners Abortion
What after this life? Be vegetarian Golden keys for a happy life
Peacemakers Cruelty with Animals Curelty-free lifestyle
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                     Come...gain knowledge...practice it in real life...and turn your life nonviolent, peaceful & happy one.
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